EMS Muscle Stimulator Abs Trainer (FREE Shipping Worldwide)

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  • Tones, strengthens and firms abs
  • Flattens stomach, increases ab visibility
  • Proven results in just a few weeks
  • Adjustable – 6 levels of intensity
  • For men & women!
  • Increase muscle strength!
  • Increase muscle size & density!
  • Increase muscle endurance!
  • Activate Type 1 & Type 2 muscle fibers!
  • Improve overall muscle performance!

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The most effective ABS workout! 20-30 minutes a day is all you need using this amazing muscle toner!

  • New EMS Muscle Stimulator & Abs Trainer that replicates exercise!
  • 6 stimulation modes & 10 intensity levels!
  • Ready to use! Includes: abs stimulator only!

We all know how hard it is to wake up early and go to a gym to get our work out done right?
We all have one desire in common which is a flatter stomach or even a nice 6 pack…
Well, now we have a solution that is taking the world by storm!

The EMS Abdominal Muscle Trainer is the most powerful and EFFECTIVE 6 PACK solution on the market that effortlessly strips away your abdominal fat to finally show off your TONED ABS.

It’s for everyone from 18 to 80!


Concentrated exercise of the abdominal muscles

This Smart Fitness device is specifically designed for the abdominal area, with eight wings that fit perfectly to the abdominal muscles. EMS works directly on the abdominal muscles.

Tone up anytime, anywhere

Thin and lightweight design so that you can have your muscle training not only in the gym, but also in office during your work and in home while you do the housework.

The product concept is “Wearable Training Gear”. Using a highly pliable soft silicone, it’s thin and flexible in order to follow the curves of our body. This resulted in a design that closely fits with your everyday life.

Features 6 work modes and 10 levels of intensity for your training demand.

The pads stimulate nerves directly which stimulates the muscle directly

  • Rectus Abdominis.
    The central abdominal muscles, these make up the sixpack.
  • Internal Obliques.
    Tighten the waist and work on the love handles.
  • External Obliques.
    Work these muscles for greater flexibility.
  • Transversus Abdominis.
    Vital muscles for core health and strength.

Now you can get firmer, more toned muscles from 4 Weeks. 20-30 minutes a day is all you need.

It’s comfortable

When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation. As you increase the intensity you will start to feel distinct muscle contractions. This is when you are optimizing your workout. It should not be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone.

Conductive hydrogel patches

Hydrogels have electrical conductivity, low irritation, high adhesion. Patches are generally used continuously for 25-30 days and need to be replaced after that. Since human skin has oil stains, it is best to use after cleaning the skin. This can extend the life of the patch. When the hydrogel pad becomes dirty, replace it, otherwise the conductive effect will be affected.

You can buy replacement patches when you need, but it is recommended to buy extra hydrogel pads with the stimulator device, so you have new pads ready when you need to replace old ones.

How to use the ABS stimulator?

  1. Use your nail or a coin to turn the battery cover.
  2. Insert 2 AAA batteries, make sure they’re facing the right way.
  3. Connect the main device to the gel pad.
  4. Attach it to your abs, arms, waist, or legs.
  5. Press the desired button to start the exercise. Push the ON/+ to increase intensity. There are 6 modes and 10 intensities are optional to help fat burning and muscle growth. Each EMS machine can be adjusted individually. You can select different mode and intensity respectively to meet your desired muscle training effect.
  6. An indicator light will flash 3 times and will auto turn off about 5 seconds later if you do not attach it to your body.

Precaution: The equipment should not be used under the following conditions.

  • People with an internal transplant, or any type of electronic devices such as an artificial heart transplant etc.
  • Not advisable for patients who recently had a surgery on the ab or arm area as it may interfere with the
  • Healing process
  • Patients with epilepsy
  • While driving
  • Blood circulation disorder
  • Pregnant and postpartum woman
  • Patients with cancer
  • Allergic reaction to hydrogel pads

Proven results of high intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation*

Quite similar devices has been tested over the years with excellent results:

  • 49% average increase in abdominal strength experienced by all users from 4 weeks.
  • 3.5cm average reduction in waistline size experienced by all users after 8 weeks.
  • 77% of users felt more positive about their shape after 8 weeks.

100% of users reported firmer, more defined abs from 6 weeks (with significant results from 4 weeks).

  • Increased abdominal strength
  • Increased abdominal endurance
  • Improved abdominal firmness
  • Improved abdominal tone
  • Improved abdominal flatness
  • Improved abdominal muscle tightness
  • Increased core strength
  • Decreased waist circumference
  • Clothes fit better
  • Increased body satisfaction
  • Increased satisfaction with the shape of the midsection
  • Improved body image and body confidence
  • Improved posture
  • Stronger bottom
  • Improved bottom endurance
  • Firmer Bottom
  • More toned bottom
  • More uplifted bottom
  • Shapelier bottom
  • Jeans fit better

*For detailed clinically proven results, please refer to the articles below (these studies are done with devices which uses similar working principles i.e. high intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation, however devices used on studies are not exactly the same as for sale on this website).

*The Effects of High Intensity Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Abdominal Strength and Endurance, Core Strength, Abdominal Girth, and Perceived Body Shape and Satisfaction. View article here. **An 8-week randomized controlled trial on the effects of brisk walking, and brisk walking with abdominal electrical muscle stimulation on anthropometric, body composition, and self-perception measures in sedentary adult women. View article here. ***EFFECTS OF NEUROMUSCULAR ELECTRICAL STIMULATION ON ST A TIC AND DYNAMIC ABDOMINAL STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE IN HEALTHY MALES View article here.


Start today! Buy now & get fit!

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4 reviews for EMS Muscle Stimulator Abs Trainer (FREE Shipping Worldwide)

  1. Victorio

    Absolutely the best muscle stimulator i have tried.

  2. Eugene

    I got perfect abs using this ems muscle stimulator in three months! Thank you!

  3. Ralph

    Really best price for ems muscle toner, works as promised. Thank you!

  4. Richard

    My wife is very happy for using this ems abs trainer, she is absolutely amazed how effective it is.

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